Sunday, 26 July 2015

College Paperwork and Reading

So finally (I think) all the various bits of paper signed, financial standing accepted and contract in place. Now waiting for date and "stuff" like information on the matriculation requirements (like gown and suit) ahead of the start of term.

Very slow progress on the books front.

Dictionaries of materials; techniques; terminology; makers; firms
Conway, H, ed., Design History. A student’s handbook
Julier, G, Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Design and Designers since 1900 (London: Thames & Hudson, 2004)
Trench, L, Materials and Techniques in the Decorative Arts. An illustrated dictionary, (London: John Murray, 2000)
Woodham, J, A Dictionary of Modern Design (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006)

Primary Sources and Methodology Anthologies:

Adamson, G, ed., The Craft Reader
Bennett, T, L Grossberg and M Morris., New Keywords. A revised vocabulary of culture and society
Boradakar, P, Designing Things. A critical introduction to the culture of objects
Brody, D and H Clark, eds., Design Studies Reader
Doordan, D, ed., Design history: an anthology
Fallan, K, Design History: Understanding Theory and Method
Greenhalgh, P, Quotations and Sources on Design and the Decorative Arts (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1993)
Lees-Maffei, G and R Houze, eds., The Design History Reader
Margolin, V, ed., Design Discourses
Walker, J, Design History and the History of Design

History of Modern Design 

Dormer, P, Design since 1945
Forty, A, Objects of Desire: Design and Society 1750-1980
Heskett, J, Industrial Design
Hiesinger, K and G Marcus, Landmarks of Twentieth Century Design: An Illustrated Handbook
Raizman, D, History of Modern Design
Sparke, P, An Introduction to Design and Culture in the Twentieth Century
Woodham, J, Twentieth Century Design

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